MS-2700-GPS   Fanless Mini PC, low power 1 Ghz  CPU / AGP 8x / MPEG-II / 64M VRAM / 2 LAN / VGA /
            4 x USB 2.0 / 4 x COM ports / PCI slot / Audio out / TV-out                     




To know all of the I/O ports, please refer to the picture at the right.
This PC is designed for mobile vehicle use (Car PC).
Note : Mounting brackets for car use are available.


Built in HDD, GPS engine board, GPS Antenna port, 3 x COMs outside

GPS engine board

GPS Active Antenna  (optional)

External USB 2.0  CD-ROM

? Fanless mini PC

? Low power 1Ghz CPU equivalent to Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz

? Chipset : VIA CLE266 and VT8235 chipsets

? DDR RAM :  support up to 1GB DDR memory

? Hardware MPEG-II , AGP 8X, VGA, Video 64MB share RAM, audio out, TV-out

? Built in 10 / 20GB slim HDD - option

? GPS engine and GPS Active Antenna � optional items

? Dual fast 100 / 10 Mbps Ethernet

? 4 x Serial ports : 2 exposed, 2 hidden           

? 4 x USB 2.0 (40 times faster than 1.1) and 1 x IrDA

? Industrial grade long life mini PC

? Anti vibration, anti shock design

? Design to last for 10 - 20 years long

Specifications :


? Design purpose :
This Mini PC is designed to be used for those moving mobile vehicles such as car, truck, bus, etc. built in with a precision GPS engine board and a 5-meter long GPS Active Antenna.

? Mounting brackets :
mounting brackets are available for car use

?  CPU  :  Low power 1Ghz CPU

Support Low Power 1Ghz Nehamiah CPU.

Its power consumption is only 13 watts.

Its speed compares to Celeron 1.7Ghz CPU


? Chipset, System � VIA CLE266 chipsets

VIA VT8623 / 8622 and 8235 chipsets


? DDR RAM Memory : up to 1GB

Support high speed DDR RAM up to 1GB

? VGA :  AGP 8x , 64MB video RAM

Support second monitor , AGP 8X, 64MB Video share memory, Hardware MPEG-II, 3D / 2D motion and movie pictures


HDD : option for 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 GB HDD

1 internal hard drive bay for 1 slim HDD.

Ethernet : Dual LAN 

Dual Realtek 8100L support Dual fast speed Ethernet networking with auto-negotiation


Audio out port

Built in an Audio out port to support external speakers and microphone.


? Hardware MPEG-II : built on board
Built in a hardware MPEG-II engine to support very high speed 3D / 2D movie, DVD, and video playback


Serial (COM) port - 4 x COM

3 x serial (COM1, 2, 3 ports) are exposed outside at the I/O port panel.   COM4 are on board inside.  COM 2 can be configured as RS232 or 422 / 485


USB - 4 x USB 2.0

4  USB 2.0 ports.  USB 2.0 is 40 times faster than USB 1.1.   It is 480 Mb per second which is faster than IEEE-1394.

GPS engine and GPS Active antenna
Built in high precision GPS Engine board and GPA Active Antenna for mobile vehicle applications    


LPT Parallel Port :

1 x LPT port support SPP, EPP and ECP mode.


Keyboard and Mouse :

A PS/2 Keyboard and a PS/2 Mouse port


Industrial Components

Use industrial & military grade parts that support higher temperature up to 65 or higher degree


Power Supply

It comes with a 100 � 240V AC Universal AC power adapter.  DC 12, 24, 48V power adapters are also available for your option.


Operating Temperature

For fanless situation : it can work under between 0 and 40 degree environment.

Note :  If you want to put this fanless Mini PC work in a higher temperature environment, a cooling is required.

Power Supply  

Standard : universal 100 � 240V AC power adapter.

Optional : DC 12V, 24V, 48V are available for your choice


? Dimension : very small

275.5 x 150 x 79mm

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