PPC-1999T-MK-MIL (Core 2 Quad mobile Extreme PPC)

Rugged Military-grade 19å Panel PC, Touch, Intel Core 2 Quad Mobile 2.4GHz extremely high speed CPU,
or Core 2 Duo Mobile 2.53GHz ultra high speed CPU, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8GB DDR-2 RAM, SATA-2 anti-shock slim 160G HDD,, VGA, 3D Graphics, HW MPEG2, H.264, Dual Gigabit LAN,  HD Audio, 4 x COM,  8 x USB2.0, CF slot, PCI slot, PCI-e slot, Mini PCI-e slot,


OSD on the left side is for LCD Monitor only.
The On/Off button turns On or Off the LCD monitor in order to prolong the life of LCD display.  It does not turn off the PC.

The control keypads at the right is to control the PC.
When the PC is switched off, the whole IPC is off.

The above drawing is for reference only. The dimensions is basically correct. The I/O layout is a little different.



Mainboard grade
Military-industrial grade high-end mainboard supporting zero defect high reliable stability with continuous running at 24/7/365 days a year  without any problem.  It is suitable to military, industrial, medical, kiosk, and all commercial applications.

Intel GM45 Express and ICH9M supporting 667 / 800 / 1066 MHz Front Side Bus high speed. Support dual channel memory up to 8GB.

Processor supported
a) Intel Core 2 Quad Mobile Extreme speed 2.4GHz CPU with 12MB L2 cache memory.

b) Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Ultra high speed 2.53GHz CPU with 6MB L2 cache memory

System Memory (DDR2 and DDR3 RAM)
2 DDR2 socket support 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, up to 8GB DDR2 high speed  RAM.
Note : DDR3 RAM : optional feature, min. order quantity required.

Graphics engine
Intel GM45 Express integrates a Intelå 3D / 2D Graphics chip support 3D graphics acceleration, hardware MPEG2, H.264 video compression, ActiveX 10. Intel Graphics Technology providing a visually stunning experience optimized for Blu-ray* and High Definition video with Windows Vista*, Windows 7 supportå without the need to add an external and costly graphics card.

Support slim anti-shock 80G, 160G, 250G, 350G SATA-2 high speed HDD.

Watchdog Timer  
Support watchdog timer selectable in BIOS from 1~256 seconds.

I/O Port

Support 8 x USB 2.0 port in total.

2 x USB are at the front bezel. 4 USB are at the back, 2 USB are reserved inside for touch connection) . 

COM (Serial) port
Support 4 x COM ports : 
COM 2 : support RS232 / 422 / 485 mode
COM1, COM3, COM4 : support RS232 mode only
Note : if you need a RS422 or RS485 mode, please specify this in your P/O. We will preset COM2 as RS422 or 485 before shipment. Otherwise, we configure COM2 as RS232 mode.

2 RJ-45 ports support Dual Giga bit Ethernet

Support HD (High Definition) audio SPDIF audio-in, mic., audio out ports.  Built in 2 stereo speakers.

PS2 Keyboard / Mouse
Support 1 x PS2 Keyboard port and 1 x PS2 mouse port

DIO (Digital Input / Output)  
Support 4 Digital Input and 4 Digital Output ports.
Note : this is an optional feature with extra cost. Specify when you order.

OSD Membrane Keypads at front

OSD Keypad (for Monitor)
There are 5 OSD keypads at the left bottom of front.
The On/Off switch on the right is to turn on or off the LCD display. It does not turn off the PC system. To turn off the LCD display can prolong the life of LCD display.

Control keypad on the right (for PC only)
The Reset button is to reset the IPC.  The On/Off button is to turn on or off the IPC system.

Expansion Slot

Expansion Slot
Support  4 x SATA-II (for DOM flash disk storage device), 1 x IDE, 1 x CF, 1 x PCI slot, 1 x PCIe (1x) slot, 1 x Mini PCI-e slot,


Front Bezel

Solid 10mm thick aluminum bezel, IP-65, 66, 67 water and dust proof front bezel. Support panel-mount, VESA-75 wall-mount

Robust rugged steel construction,

IP-65 Rating :  

Support IP-65, NEMA-4 water and dust protection rating



Touch Screen :  

Touch type : 5-Wire resistive touch screen
Resolution : 4096 x 4096 ultra high resolution. 


LCD Display   


LCD Panel
19" TFT LCD, 1280 x 1024 resolution, 300~1000 cd/m2 high brightness,
16.2 million true colors, 50,000 hours backlight



Optional DVD / CD-ROM

O.S. Support

Support Windows XP, XP-Pro, Windows Vista, Windows 7,
Linux (Ubuntu), etc.


Operating and Storage Temperature
Support -10åC to +60åC
Optional : to boot up from a completely frozen state at -20åC or -30åC
                Nagasaki-patented heater module is required.

Storage Temperature
Support -40åC to +80åC

Environmental Test standard

- Vibration : meet MIL-STD-810F military standards
- Shock : meet MIL-STD-810F military standards
- Meet CE, FCC, RoHS standards.

Power supply

Power Consumption :
- Power consumption : Less than 80 watts


Power Adapter   
- AC source : 90-264V AC
- DC source : optional DC12, 24, 28, 32V DC   


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